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Orders & Deliveries

Absolutely! While we prefer to have most orders scheduled at least 2 hours in advance, give us a call and  we can add your order to our next trip back to the valley no problem!

We love getting orders scheduled in advance! You can currently schedule grocery and other pickups up to 7 days prior to when you need us to go-fer you! 

Currently we will pick up from any restaurant or store you can pre-order products from. We are not a shopping service, and will only be able to go-fer products already ordered and paid for by you! The only other restrictions we have are: 

  • No Prescription pick-ups – we are working to determine how to legally do this for customers, but at this time do not have this ability
  • No Alcohol Pick-ups – Unfortunately the Go-Fer is unable to verify ID’s at this time, but this will change asap! 
  • No Tobacco Pick-ups – We are not allowed by law to deliver tobacco products!
  • No Firearms or Ammunition 
  • No Cannabis / Marijuana Products 

As we grow, and are able to navigate delivery laws better ,we will come back and update what we can and cannot carry appropriately!

We are working to add a driver tracker on a delay to our services, and will have a “Country Go-fer” App available soon!

While we are able to process payments on our website, all of our credit card information storage is done with Square Payment Services, and not stored anywhere in the Country Go-Fer network. You can save your card for next time with confidence!

No Additonal Taxes or Fees, You pay $9.95 for most deliveries and that is it (although, tips are appreciated!)!

Absolutely! For an additional $5 fee per store, you can have us scheduled for pickups at unlimited locations! 

Door to Door Service

We will pick it up wherever you ordered and deliver it to your door!

Climate Controlled Containers

Get it Hot (Or Cold) Every Time!

Serving Golden Valley

Not some Big Corporation, but a neighbor eager to help you!

Go Fer Kingman or Bullhead!

You can order groceries, fast food, pizza, snacks, and so much more!