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About The Gopher

We live right here with you, and know how busy it can be here in the valley. Our goal is to make your goals just a little bit easier, and your day a little bit better!

Out of the way and that's how we like it!

Ready and Happy to Go For You!


We have always loved living a little out of the way of the world, but we are always making trips to stock up, or grab dinner on a busy night, or repair things, as I am sure we all are. We decided that If we can lend a hand, and meet our neighbors its a win-win, and so the gofer was born. There are so many amazing people out here, but between super busy parents in need of a break, or people without transportation, or some of our awesome older citizens who just might need a hand with groceries or a meal without cooking from time to time, we know that we could make a go at bringing a few modern conveniences to our out of the way community.  The sky is the limit & we will go-fer nearly anything anywhere (Except for a few specific things!) so if you love a certain restaurant, need something from a hobby store, need boxes, or want to call ahead and order products from the hundreds of fine businesses in this region, We are right here in the valley & ready to go! 

Door to Door Service

We will pick it up wherever you ordered and deliver it to your door!

Climate Controlled Containers

Get it Hot (Or Cold) Every Time!

Serving Golden Valley

Not some Big Corporation, but a neighbor eager to help you!

Go Fer Kingman or Bullhead!

You can order groceries, fast food, pizza, snacks, and so much more!