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Delivery in Golden Valley, Az?

Let The Go-Fer Get it for ya!

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Or Schedule in Advance!

We can go-fer almost anything in Kingman, AZ or Bullhead City, AZ & deliver to Golden Valley, AZ
and Surrounding areas
(Yes Even to YOU way out on the deep dirt road!)
for one flat (and Fair) fee!!

How Do I Order?

  1. You order for pickup from *anywhere in
    Kingman, AZ, Golden Valley, AZ, or Bullhead City, AZ
    by phone.  Or through a businesses mobile app
  2. make your Go-Fer the pickup person, and then:
  3. schedule your Go-fer!


*(well... almost anywhere ) Check our current restrictions!

*Order from Anywhere!

Most brands these days have their own curbside or inside pickup ordering app! Most restaurants will take an order by phone! We ask that you download the app for what you need (Home Depot, Lowes, wal-mart grocery, Smiths grocery, most large fast food and pizza chains ETC*) and place an order for pickup. or call your favorite restaurant and order for take out, and we will go get it!

Make us the Pickup Person

Your Go-Fers name will need to be on your order before you schedule your pickup! In Golden Valley, your Go-fer is Greg Chernoff! Simply make them the pickup person on your order and add the email address info@countrygofer.com to the order! 

We Go-Fer it and Bring it To You!

We pickup for a flat rate from Kingman, or Bullhead City, and bring your order to Golden Valley and other Rural locations nearby these two cities as fast as were able!  If there is an app for a restaurant or store in these two cities, we will go for you, and drop it at your door – It’s that easy!

Did you know?

Trip Bundles Save Time and Money!
You can schedule multiple pickups up to 7 days in advance? Order your groceries, pet food, bedding, and a pizza all to be delivered together for ONLY $5 more per store!

We Get Great Reviews!

Customer service – Wait time – Quality 
Greg done a awesome job from the moment I called them to the finish line. He not only went and picked up my order he went back as they messed up the order and picked up the rest of it. I did not want to inconvenience him but he wanted to ,. I really appreciate how efficient and quickly everything I called him and 15 minutes later he was picking it up. I know I’ll be using him a lot in the future to help us out. And I recommend anybody and everybody to do the same it’s in need of help for delivery purposes. One out of 10 he get a 10 plus. My husband and I really appreciate it. Thank you again Greg country gopher.!!

Karen M.

Hot Food Delivery Customer

Door to Door Service

We will pick it up wherever you ordered and deliver it to your door!

Climate Controlled Containers

Get it Hot (Or Cold) Every Time!

Serving Golden Valley

Not some Big Corporation, but a neighbor eager to help you!

Go Fer Kingman or Bullhead!

You can order groceries, fast food, pizza, snacks, and so much more!